Founded in 2011, Branding Chicks is the brainchild of Nakita M. Pope, it’s Owner and Chief Chick. Branding Chicks is a boutique branding and design firm specializing in marketing for women-owned businesses and brands whose primary target market are women. We help women make their dreams come true by giving their brands voice and life.

Over the past 15 years, Nakita has worked with businesses large and small as a graphic designer, marketer, professor, and brand expert. As an advertising strategy and design professor at The Creative Circus, she teaches superstars at one of the best advertising schools in the country. These experiences provided a pathway to creating Branding Chicks, which specializes in marketing for women-owned businesses and brands whose primary target market are women. She combines her business acumen, knowledge of the female market and results-driven approach to everything that she does and that’s why her clients enjoy working with her. She attended Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, where she obtained a B.A. in Graphic Design, and then went on the attend the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA. 

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This is a largely underserved part of our community, and especially by people who understand the sensibilities required to serve women and speak to women effectively. When I started my business, I knew that I’ve worked with with businesses in design, marketing and branding for almost 15 years and started to realize that the majority of my clients were female. This niche in branding was a natural fit for me. I can provide consultation in a wide range of industries and continue to provide resources for my market. I believe that most of the missteps for these business owners come from lack of education, and as a natural educator myself I want to teach as well as provide services this community. More importantly, I thoroughly enjoy working with them because I can really make a difference in helping them define themselves!
— Nakita M. Pope

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